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You are a parent of a child aged 6-10


Your child regularly uses an Apple or Android device for entertainment purposes

Educative Parental Control


The only parental control app with an online educational platform!

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SmartCookie in action

Fun time Fun time

Your child is watching her/his favorite show…

Out of time Out of time

After a defined period of time, SmartCookie temporarily blocks the device.

Learning Time Learning Time

Your child is then challenged with educational questions in different subject matters.

Learning Time

Back to fun time Back to fun time

The more questions they answer, the more screen-time they earn!

Back to fun time

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SmartCookie takes less than 5 minutes to set up.

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How to set up SmartCookie?
How SmartCookie works?


Limit your child’s phone time

Screen-time is automatically limited with increasingly difficult questions.


Educational content is delivered in short and simple questions covering different subject matters.

Work on Android and iOS

SmartCookie is available on Android 9+ and iOS 15+ and requires special permissions to be given to the app.


Finding the right balance between Fun & Learning

SmartCookie helps parents place boundaries on their kid’s mobile phones. SmartCookie requires your kids to complete educational work to earn-screen time.

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