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You are a parent of a child aged 6-10


Your child regularly uses an Apple or Android device for entertainment purposes

Who we are

Adrien Laurent
Technical CEO
Kenny Schumacher
Chief Marketing Officer
Dr. Carrie Jackson

Our Story

We noticed our kids and our friends' kids being addicted to their device. Whether it be at home, restaurant, or social outing, the kid always seemed to be on their tablet or phone. At the same time, there was very little incentive for the child to focus on their education because they would find it so much more fun to stay on their device.

On top of that, it was a frustrating experience having to take the child's device away by force and be the bad guy. That's why we decided to create SmartCookie to handle all those problems. With SmartCookie, your child learns that screen time isn't something they're entitled to, but something that they have to earn. It provides them with a foundation to understand that their work results in rewards without requiring the parent to have to micromanage or even be involved in the process as SmartCookie handles this all automatically.

Lastly, SmartCookie helps promote the child's education by providing a wide variety of educational content, beyond even what they would learn in the classroom.

Finding the right balance between Fun & Learning

SmartCookie helps parents place boundaries on their kid’s mobile phones. SmartCookie requires your kids to complete educational work to earn-screen time.

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